The 10 songs from the Flashdance album ranked moderate to catchy

Here's what we think about "Manhunt," "Romeo," "What a Feeling," and more of the hits from the iconic '80s movie and soundtrack.
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The Flashdance album holds a very special place in my heart. Even though I didn't grow up in the '80s, I'm very familiar with the songs on the soundtrack thanks to my mom. She'd stick the cassette tape into the radio of our white minivan, with my sisters and I dancing and singing along wherever we went. It's nostalgic, and I know why people went crazy over it when the Flashdance movie came out!

While most of the tunes on the album are catchy, there's some that aren't all-time faves. Now I don't think any of these are necessarily bad. So we're ranking all 10 songs on the Flashdance soundtrack from moderate to catchy. I am ranking these based solely on the music itself, not thinking about the scenes in the movie. Let's jump in!

"Imagination" by Laura Branigan

Even though Laura Branigan's "Gloria" is great and it appeared in the Flashdance movie, it's not on the soundtrack due to "contractual issues," per the late artists's official Facebook page. Though I wish it took the place of "Imagination" if I'm being honest. The song does not keep my attention at all. It features Branigan's strong vocals, but the tune itself is boring.

"Lady, Lady, Lady" by Joe Esposito

Another one that isn't a favorite is "Lady, Lady, Lady" by Joe Esposito. Based on the lyrics, the slow tempo is supposed to give off a more romantic vibe. But this one just doesn't hit for me. For a romantic ballad it's... too sleepy I think. I'm not saying all songs have to be upbeat to be "good" of course. But instead of romance, it feels more like a song that you put on when you're trying to fall asleep.

"Seduce Me Tonight" by Cycle V

I feel like this tune is kind of awkward. It's supposed to be upbeat and catchy, but it just doesn't do the trick. "Seduce Me Tonight" by Cycle V tries to infuse the melodies that worked in the '80s but I don't think it was a success. And people at the time felt the same as unlike many of the tracks on this list, "Seduce Me Tonight" didn't manage to get on any of the charts.