The 10 songs from the Flashdance album ranked moderate to catchy

Here's what we think about "Manhunt," "Romeo," "What a Feeling," and more of the hits from the iconic '80s movie and soundtrack.

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"He's a Dream" by Shandi Sinnamon

Shandi Sinnamon has a unique voice that goes from smooth and sultry to powerful when the beat call for it in such a distinctive way. The tune could have not worked, jumping from the two extremes often during the song's run. But instead, it grabs your attention and makes you want to keep listening, which is exactly what you want. I mean, we know the scene it's from. But if you listen to it alone, she's definitely a dream in what she gave us!

"Manhunt" by Karen Kamon

While not in the Top 5 favorite of mine, "Manhunt" is such a fun song! The beat literally feels like we're on an adventure and a chase. Karen Kamon's voice fits this so well with the instruments chosen. There's lots of powerful vocals on this soundtrack which I think contributed to its popularity and success, and Kamon is one of the artists who helped with that.

"Love Theme from Flashdance"

This love theme used throughout the film is so majestic and calm, and I love that. It proves that instrumental music can be just as good and unforgettable as regular tracks. You don't need lyrics to create a song that will stick with people. "Love Theme from Flashdance" is ethereal and a tune you can just listen to on its own which makes it special and rank highly on our list!

"I'll Be Here Where the Heart Is" by Kim Carnes

Now this is a love song! Kim Carnes' raspiness adds a certain quality to "I'll Be Here Where the Heart Is." The singer also wrote the song, and the lyrics provide all the emotion its supposed to illustrate. I think many people in a relationship can relate to it. And even though it's slower, there's a higher tempo to it that makes it catchy. This song does it all!