3 underappreciated bands from the 1980s still worth listening to

The 1980s produced so much great music that some excellent bands have been overlooked.

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Big Country

Big Country sounded different from the beginning. If you didn't know they were from Scotland before listening to their massively popular single "In a Big Country" then once the track begins and you hear guitars engineered to sound like bagpipes, you might have guessed their country of origin. But people who stopped tuning into the band after that song or after the excellent debut album in 1983, The Crossing, missed out on a lot of great music.

The band's second album, Steeltown, was released in 1984 and grew the group's overall sound, but the lyrics were stronger as well. Three singles were released with the highest charting of the three, "East of Eden," reaching number 17 in the UK. There are several burners on the record, beginning with the opener, "Flame of the West." "Where the Rose is Sown" has a truly beautiful melody even if the words deal with political tragedy.

The band then didn't release their third album, The Seer, until 1986. While there are several excellent tracks on the record, most of the record-buying public had moved on from the sound of the group. But if you haven't heard the single, "Look Away," then as soon as you stop reading this article (thank you for doing so, by the way) then you should find the song on your favorite streaming device and listen. Or just play the YouTube link above.

The band still tours with a couple of remaining founding members, but sadly singer/lyricist/guitarist Stuart Adamson passed away from suicide in 2001. His voice was perfect for what the band wanted to do when it began. The group was so excellent that you should still be listening to them.