3 songs from the 1980s that will make your 2023 July 4th cook-out better

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Dexys Midnight Runners - "Come On Eileen"

OK, so I did not intentionally choose three songs by non-Americans to play at your Fourth of July thing. My point isn't to be un-American because part of the greatness of music is that it brings people of all backgrounds and views together. These three songs will do that for you at your or your friend's or the person who you want to be your friend's cookout, drinking party, or Yahztee night (it happens to be on the 4th this week).

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But honestly, how can "Come On Eileen" not be a crowd-pleaser? No one can feel gloomy when the sing-along chorus is being played. There's like two songs everyone will sing to every time they come on. One is "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond and then there is this song by a band you've likely never heard another song from.

But Dexys Midnight Runners never really meant for "Come On Eileen" to be the song they are known for. Heck, the band doesn't even normally sound exactly like this song. Dexys borrowed their sound more from 1970s funk bands with horns and meshed that together with more Celtic folk-type material. It's a good sound when it works, but there is a narrow chance it always will.

Next. Three albums from the '80s you shouldn't live without. Three albums from the '80s you shouldn't live without. dark

Still, it works perfectly on "Come On Eileen." Your friends and family and cats will love you playing this at the Fourth of July get together. If all works well, you'll be the star of the show.