6 tunes you may not have known are actually Queen songs

The iconic rock band produced so many great hits, some more known than others. And perhaps there are some recognizable ones you didn't even know were theirs!
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"We Will Rock You." "We are the Champions." "Radio Ga Ga." I could go on and on when it comes to infamous rock band, Queen. They are one of my absolute favorite artists, and I love listening to their songs all the time. And while these are classics, the group has some great tunes that might not be as widely known.

If you listen to "Who Wants to Live Forever?" or "I Want It All," you'll definitely recognize those songs! They've been used in multiple covers and commercials. If you really look into it, Queen songs are all around us. And so, we rounded up 6 tunes you may not have known are actually Queen songs below!

"Stone Cold Crazy" (1974)

The rock band released so many hits, but some of their songs might not be as known or recognizable as others. One of those tunes is "Stone Cold Crazy" which was released in 1974 as part of the group's third album, Sheer Heart Attack.

The song is featured in the 2021 Cruella Disney movie starring Emma Stone. It's not sung by a cover band, it's Queen themselves. Though because the tune isn't as known to the public, not everyone may have known this, including the younger generation who may be discovering it for the first time. I can admit I didn't know it!

The tune was a perfect fit in the Disney movie, and it was actually more punk rock than the "regular" rock we're used to hearing from Queen. In addition to Cruella, rock band Metallica famously covered the song in 1990, and it is one of their more popular covers.