A few songs you might not have known were sampled

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Music is forever evolving, but one thing that's been a mainstay for seemingly all eternity is the art of sampling.

The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes John Kongos' He's Gonna Step on You Again as the first ever song to use a sample and whether you refute that claim or not, it's safe to say a lot has changed about sampling since this song was released in 1971.

Let's take a look back some songs you may not have known were sampled.

Exchange - Bryson Tiller

While Don’t may have been Bryson Tiller’s big breakout single, his follow-up titled Exchange proved to be just as prominent.

For one, it earned him his first Grammy nomination for best R&B song. Moreover, it further established Tiller as a unique hybrid of an R&B/Hip Hop artist. 

But of course, if you’re a fan of his, you know this already. What’s lesser known is that the track contains a sample from K.P. & Envyi’s Swing My Way.

Just Sayin/I Tried - The Internet

You may know The Internet from a little song called Special Affair, but if you delve deeper into the catalog; it’s apparent that the band is more than just one hit. Their style is the perfect blend of jazzy and chill mixed with rhythm and blues. 

A shining example of this is none other than their song Just Sayin/I Tried which samples not one, but three different songs.

The melodies of Dwele’s Find a Way can be heard within the opening lines. There’s another sample from Erykah Badu and Stephan Marley’s In Love With You. Lastly, the instrumental samples Chuck Carbo and The Soul Finders’  Can I Be Your Squeeze?

Work - Rihanna

Twas the year 2016 and dancehall music's presence had reached an all-time peak in mainstream music.

Though her catalog of hits ranges from R&B to Pop and everything in between, Work leaned more toward the dancehall side of things. Moreover, the Drake-endorsed track ranks as one of Rihanna's most successful songs to date.

But, that's enough high praise for one day. If you're wondering which famous song this track samples, the answer is Sail Away by Richie Stephens and Mikey 2000.