Music news: Ted Cruz and Pat Benatar, Adele forgets words and Teresa Taylor


Adele is just pure class, isn't she? She also, despite her ridiculously incredible voice, feels like one of us. It isn't difficult to imagine running into her at some pub somewhere while she is having a pint. Adele might even ask you to come over for a chat.

And in true Adele style, she handled a bit of a recent miscue with class but also a genuine connection with her audience. The singer is currently doing her Las Vegas residency called Weekends with Adele. Earlier this week, Adele was signing "I Drink Wine" and literally forgot the words. Instead of stumbling over the rest of the song, she did what most of us would do: She stopped signing and admitted what happened.

But Adele didn't just go to the side of the stage, check what the lyrics were supposed to be, and then arrive back on the stage and restart the song like nothing had happened. She actually asked a member of the front row (who appears to have been taking a video of the whole thing) what the words were supposed to be. Then, of course, she eventually restarted the song and nailed it. We are lucky to have artists like Adele in the world.

Adele makes a bit of news this week, plus Ted Cruz seems clueless

Here's what it looked like:

In less fun news, congressperson Ted Cruz decided to comment on the arts and as is common when a career politician decides to talk music, he looked silly. The problem with this, however, is that politicians have power and a mode of communication that can go out to masses of people relatively unfiltered and can change views.

Other music news


Cruz was talking about President Joe Biden on a talk show last week and said, "I don't think Senate Democrats, if you had video of Joe Biden murdering children dressed as the devil under a full moon while singing Pat Benatar, they still wouldn't vote to convict."

Sure, that's a bit crazy and absurd but whatever it takes to get noticed, right? I am not sure why Cruz decided to bring up Pat Benatar's name (almost implies he's a fan, doesn't it?), but this is what we should expect from Cruz and his ilk. Benatar took it in stride, though, and responded on Facebook by saying, "Nice try!"

In even sadder news, one-time Butthole Surfers drummer Teresa Taylor passed away after battling lung cancer. Taylor had announced she had "end stage" lung cancer in 2021 and was expected to live one to five years longer. Taylor was known for her stand-up drum kit with the band and worked with them mostly from 1983 to 1989.

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Teresa Taylor also may be remembered for her bit in the film Slacker where she was trying to sell a pap smear of Madonna's. Clearly, the pap smear isn't real, but Taylor's performance is both eager and genuine. She will be missed.