Alice Donut: An eccentric evolution of punk rock

This psychedelic punk band is probably underrated

Alice Donut
Alice Donut / Niels Van Iperen/GettyImages

Alice Donut is an American alternative rock band that was formed in New York City in 1986. If you're curious about their vibe, Creem Magazine described Alice Donut shows as “the most decadent punk
rock-fueled all-out orgies I ever witnessed.”

The band's music can be described as a blend of punk rock, post-punk, alternative, jazz, and experimental sounds. They are also known for their quirky and often darkly humorous lyrics, as well as their energetic and eclectic musical style.

The original lineup of Alice Donut consisted of Tomas Antona (vocals, drums), Michael Jung (guitar, keyboard, vocals), David Giffen (guitar, banjo, vocals - and he's not to be confused with David Geffen),
Stephen Moses (drums, trombone), and Sissi Schulmeister (bass, banjo, vocals, accordion, guitar).

Alice Donut comes alive!

They gained attention in the late 1980s and early 1990s with their unique sound and intense live performances, which never seem like merely some stylistic fad. Alice Donut released their debut album, Donut Comes Alive, in 1988, on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label, and some copies of that album even came with the "Frankenchrist case acquittal" letter by Jello Biafra (which was a rather interesting and surprisingly ignored censorship trial involving the classic punk band Dead Kennedys).

The album featured a mix of punk, funk, and experimental elements, setting the tone for their
subsequent releases. Some of their other albums include Mule (1990), Revenge Fantasies of the Impotent (1991), Bucketfulls of Sickness and Horror in an Otherwise Meaningless Life (1989), Pure Acid Park"(1992), and Three Sisters (2003), among others. So, what about their name? Rather than being named after "Alice Cooper" (as others, including myself, might have assumed), the band's name is purportedly actually a weird play on the title Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore.

Impact factor

To be honest, I don't think the band is particularly influential, but it's not like no one's heard of them (they had a performance at the Reading Festival in 1993, for example). The band's lyrics often tackled social and political themes with a satirical edge, and their music videos also reflected their irreverent style. Despite not achieving mainstream commercial success (not being a household punk name), Alice Donut gained a dedicated cult following and influenced various bands within the alternative and punk scenes.

Alice Donut's lineup went through changes over the years, with some members leaving and new ones
joining. The band has experienced periods of activity and hiatus, but they have remained a notable presence in the underground music scene.

They might continue to perform and create music, but for the most current information, you should check the latest sources or the band's official channels. Though it hasn't been updated in a while, the group's official page probably offers sufficient access to much of the band's music library, video montages, interviews, pictures, music videos, and album release dates. So, even though they were never featured in an episode of Behind the Music, they may readily be featured in your ears, if you are so inclined.

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