Music news: Amazon Music raises rates, and Miley Cyrus does a tease

Your Amazon Music rates are about to go up, possibly just in time for Miley Cyrus to release new music.

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If you, like me, like to listen to your music on Amazon then you should know we are about to pay a little more for our monthly subscriptions. I guess Amazon executive chairman Jeff Bezos looked at the price hikes Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music have done fairly recently and decided he wanted a little more money too. He will get that from us.

On September 19th, the cost of the Amazon Music Unlimited individual plan will go up from $8.99 to $9.99. That is if you are a Prime member. If you aren't, you will be paying a dollar more than if you are.

If you are on an Amazon Music Unlimited family plan, your cost is also going to bump up a dollar from $15.99 to $16.99. But maybe you play yearly. If so, your individual plan will increase from $89 to $99 and the family plan will go up from $159 to $169.

Amazon Music goes up and Miley Cyrus tweets a possibility

Amazon Music Unlimited for Prime members is still a dollar cheaper than Spotify's new ad-free price of $10.99 a month. Apple Music also costs $10.99 a month. Ad-free YouTube Premium is even higher at $13.99 a month.

But you might be paying a slightly higher rate for Amazon Music Unlimited just in time for a new Miley Cyrus record. The singer teased on Twitter on Tuesday that there is a potential for new music soon. Potentially something called, "Used to be Young." Of course, the tweet was rather cryptic so anything is possible.

Maybe Cyrus is doing something with fashion. Or maybe there is a new movie coming out. Miley Cyrus' last album, Endless Summer Vacation, only came out in March so releasing another full album so soon would be odd.

But maybe Cyrus just wants to keep up with Taylor Swift. Swift seems to be constantly working and re-working. Maybe Miley just wants to be more like Taylor.

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