The Bear might meet Bruce Springsteen somewhere in Nebraska

There might eventually be a film made about Springsteen's 'Nebraska' and if so, the actor wants to sing the songs.
Bruce Springsteen in concert
Bruce Springsteen in concert / Tom Hill/GettyImages

Bruce Springsteen is an icon of icons. He would have his face on any Mount Rushmore the state of New Jersey wanted to make of best-ofs to come from the state. He might make the mountain of American rock stars as well.

His 1982 album Nebraska reset his career and became an example of American minimalist rock music. After becoming a rock god in the 1970s, Springsteen wanted to scale back for a bit and get back to his love of folk music. He blended that with acoustic rock in a way few ever have or ever will. Tunes such as "Atlantic City" aren't written every few centuries; it takes a musician such as Springsteen to make the track work.

40 years later, a film has been pitched to be made of the record, and currently attached to play Springsteen is The Bear's Jeremy Allen White. Filming is still yet to happen, and maybe there is a chance White doesn't find his way to playing the Boss, but if he does, he hopes to sing the vocal parts.

Jeremy Allen White discusses potential Bruce Springsteen film project

At the premiere of the third season of White's fantastic show, he was asked about his role in the proposed Springsteen film. His answers were both a bit disappointing for those wanting White to be the Boss, but somewhat hopeful at the same time. White is set to play Springsteen, but that all depends on the timing of when filming begins.

White also wants to have his own "process" before meeting Springsteen. If that doesn't scream method actor then maybe nothing does. Of course, that does not mean the film will be bad. White just needs to find a way to fully encompass what being the Boss is all about.

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According to Variety, White said, "(Bruce Springsteen and I have) communicated a little bit through some other people, but I hope this still all comes together. We’ve still got a few things, we’ve got some timing stuff to work out, and I’m trying to have a bit of my own process with it before meeting the man, too...I wanna try to have an understanding, so when I meet him, I’ll have a bit of confidence somewhere in me to stand there."

There are a few things to unpack there, of course. White wants to play Springsteen but is not completely sure he will be able to. He also has enough reverence for the rock god that he will be a bit nervous meeting Bruce Springsteen. In other words, White is a lot like the rest of us.

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