Best Hair Band ballads from the 1980s

One of the perquisites to being a great Eighties hair band was to mix in a power ballad between all the upbeat rock anthems.
Vince Neil lead singer for Motley Crue
Vince Neil lead singer for Motley Crue / Don Arnold/GettyImages
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Hairspray, spandex, make-up, and long, teased locks were all marks of the hair band era in the Eighties. Excess was also a key element, whether it was in the guitar riffs or the bouncing around on stage during music videos. A lot was never enough.

The hair bands made a lot of great music in the Eighties and nothing was better than a heartfelt power ballad from these colorful bands. It is hard to pick just a handful, and several bands had numerous terrific ballads from which to choose.

Ballads are usually thought of as being romantic, but they are often about emotions, whether that emotion be love, loss, loneliness, pain, or something else. Ballads usually are more narrative than most rock songs; they tell a story that pulls you into whatever emotion the song projects. This list is very subjective, and not based on tangible things like sales or charts, but a good ballad will usually do well in those areas because they can touch many.

Are these hair band ballads among your favorites? Do you know all the words? If so, don't hesitate to just sing them out loud!

Top 10 ballads by hair bands in the Eighties

No. 10: "Save Your Love" - Great White

Rock with a bluesy undertone was the signature sound of Great White and set them apart from some other bands in the Eighties. The album Once Bitten was their third record and the first which led to commercial success.

Released in 1987 at the height of the Hair Band era, it produced two hits. "Rock Me" peaked at 60, and "Save Your Love" hit 57 on the charts. Again, these numbers are hard to measure as far as popularity goes because Great White had songs all over MTV.

Of course, two years later, off their album Twice Shy, Great White hit number five on Billboard with "Once Bitten, Twice Shy." "Save Your Love" is a pleading love song, as it is delivered with a longing that is hard to miss. It is a powerful ballad and a great way to start off the list.

After the turn of the century, when hair bands had a resurgence in popularity, Great White never seemed to get enough love and attention. Part of it may be due to a devastating fire in 2003 in a Rhode Island nightclub that killed 100 people during a pyrotechnics display by the band. Fans may not give this band the appreciation it deserves and that deathly fire has to be a reason.