Best pop-punk and emo albums of the early 2000s

These incredible albums still hold up.
Mark Lambie / El Paso Times
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Yellowcard has to take the top spot this year with their iconic album Ocean Avenue. "Way Away" is the first track of this album, and after the lead intro, the whole band comes in, including the violin, and sets the tone right off for the album. "Ocean Avenue" and "Only One" are a few popular tracks from the album. This one didn't sneak by too many in its day, but if you missed this release, drop what you're doing and listen to it.

Some bands start in one area and end up in a different one; some never venture too far off the land. Fall Out Boy is the first type of band. In 2003, they released a masterpiece album, Take This To Your Grave. This album was perfect, and although I'm so happy for their success and they couldn't care less about my thoughts here, I wish they'd make something similar to this again. "Chicago Is So Two Years Ago" is my top track, but the album is filled with clever lyrics, Patrick Stump's beautiful vocals, and excellent pop-punk style music.

These guys were local legends for those of us into music spending our teen years just an hour or so outside of St. Louis. Story Of The Year couldn't stop writing ridiculously great songs for their album Page Avenue. "Until the Day I Die," "Anthem of Our Dying Day," and "Sidewalks" are just a few great tracks from this record. It's hard to believe this came out 21 years ago, but it's one of those records that still feels so fresh when listening. It's a top album in a top year for albums.

The Movielife again made the list, this time with their album Forty Hour Train Back To Penn. I love this band, Long Island Hard Core. These years were neat for me, with getting the pop punk, bright type of sound, but having a band like The Movielife that I fell in love with. They brought a rougher edge for me. From the guitars to Vinnie's harsher vocals than I was used to, this album and band opened up a bit for me and my musical spectrum. Some great songs off this album are "Jamestown," "Kelly's Song," and "Hey."