Best pop-punk and emo albums of the early 2000s

These incredible albums still hold up.
Mark Lambie / El Paso Times
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Catalyst by New Found Glory came out in 2004, so it's tough to be another album on this list because that top spot is hard to take over this one. Every NFG album ranks at the top, but this one is close to the band's all-time top. "All Downhill From Here", "I Don't Wanna Know", "Truth of My Youth", and "At Least I'm Known for Something" are just a few of this album's hard-hitting sing-along, catchy, incredible songs. This was the summer soundtrack of 04 for me. Windows down, this CD cranked up so loud. I love this band, and this album was the best of 04.

I loved the first album, Tell All Your Friends by Taking Back Sunday, but this is the best record they ever made, Where You Want to Be. I was upset when I heard John Nolan was out, and a new guy was there. I was wrong because I didn't go into this album expecting to like it much. The way Fred and Adam dual on this record is impressive. Some of their best songs come from this one: "A Decade Under The Influence," "This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know), and "…Slowdance On The Inside," are just a few.

The Get Up Kids had already released three albums and had been a band for almost a decade before dropping The Guilt Show. This one brought more pop and production to the songs that had not been there for these guys. I had already known the band, and Something To Write Home About was a constant in the rotation before this one, but this one just felt catchier. "The One You Want" was the first song I heard off this one, and I loved it. Other great ones are "Sympathy," "How Long Is Too Long," and the album opener "Man of Conviction. If this one slipped by, give it a go.

Let It Enfold You is one of my favorite poems by Charles Bukowski and one of my favorite albums of the early 2000s. Senses Fail followed up their first EP with their debut album, Let It Enfold You. This built on my deep love for this band, and when I craved more, they delivered. Songs like "Tie Her Down," Buried a Lie," Choke On This," "Bite to Break Skin," and "Let it Enfold You" are the title track.

It is another part of the soundtrack for this year for me. Not only did I find this record to be one of my favorites, but it also came with a DVD that I watched live performances and saw the band's personalities, which left me enjoying this band even more.

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