Brand spankin new releases worth listening to this week (8/2/23)

ACL Music Festival 2017 - Weekend 1
ACL Music Festival 2017 - Weekend 1 / Tim Mosenfelder/GettyImages

Tiz the first week of August and while the heatwave that is July has come and gone, things are still heating up. Not only in regards to the season but also as it pertains to new releases as well.

While there are quite a few releases that are definitely worth a listen this week, let’s just limit this article to a few so your attention span doesn’t drift off.

Crash & Burn - Leon Thomas

Throughout the years, Leon Thomas has shown that he not only has the skills to thrive in the film world but also in the music biz as well. While he's known for co-starring in the hit TV show Victorious and he's written/produced for a number of artists, his very own debut album is set to be released on August 18.

As you may know, the album is named Electric Dusk and will reportedly pertain to the struggles that Leon has had to go through in the past few years. One shining example of this sentiment is Crash & Burn.

Changes - ZHU

If EDM is more your speed, ZHU has got you covered. Alas, while dance music is typically meant for you to party to and this is not an exception, the lyrics in his new song called Changes may make you want to sit down and analyze things a bit more deeply, instead.

In this new track, ZHU expresses his thoughts through song and gives an introspective view point about how being in the spotlight has affected him. It's totally worth a listen; but this time it's not just about bopping your head to the instrumental like you're at a festival, it pays to listen to the words, this time around.

Matteo Bocelli - Chasing Stars

And now, to end this article on a positive note. This last entry comes to us by way of Matteo Bocelli and was written by the Sheeran brothers (Ed and Matthew Sheeran).

Moreover, Chasing Stars describes the type of supportive and loving father that encourages his children to hang tight in the face of a challenge, grow tough skin, and keep fighting no matter difficult your goals might be to obtain.

It's a perfect song to play on Father's Day, but don't let that stop you from enjoying it right now.