Bring Me the Horizon fans will have to wait a bit longer for new EP release

The band had originally planned to release the new EP on September 15th.

Martin Philbey/GettyImages

Bring Me the Horizon, former metalcore gods, haven't sounded the same for quite some time now. The band started bringing electronic elements into their music a decade ago. They aren't an EDM band and never will be, but they have to be more particular in the way they sound so as not to alienate long-term fans. Maybe this is why they chose to push back the release date of the EP, Post Human: NeX GEn.

According to singer Oil Sykes, the band has run into "unforeseen circumstances" causing the EP from being completed. This could be a sign of a much larger issue, of course. The band is going to say the generally bits like they wanted to production to be perfect, but that's usually a cop-out.

In this case, maybe Bring Me the Horizon is simply not happy with the way the EP sounds. But remember that we aren't talking about a full-length LP, just an EP. If the band is having so many issues just recording enough songs to put on an EP, what kind of problems might they have when it comes to putting 10 or more tracks on a record?

Bring Me the Horizon delays release of new EP, Post Human: NeX GEn

And 17 years after the band released its debit studio album, Count Your Blessings, one might assume they have the way they want their records produced and who to work with to make sure that happens efficiently down. Clearly, that is not the case.

Sykes did post on Instagram that the EP is "close" to being released, but there is no firm timeline. That could just be a tease for fans waiting on new music from one of their favorite bands, but who knows? Some musical artists might just not say anything about the impending release date of an EP if the delay was only a few weeks. Now, we should assume that the band probably won't put out the EP until at least early 2024.

Early 2024 is also when Bring Me the Horizon will be playing some arena dates in the UK and Ireland. The tour will include the excellent Bad Omens. Maybe along with the tour dates, Bring Me the Horizon will put out the EP, too.

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