Britney Spears strikes again! She and Wemby have the opposite of a meet-cute

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Britney Spears has an uncanny way of staying in the news for the strangest reasons sometimes. In her latest odd episode, Spears tried tapping Victor Wembanyama on the shoulder at a Las Vegas restaurant and trouble ensued. So, what happened?

It appears Wembanyama, otherwise known as Wemby because people are too lazy to say his full last name, was walking into a restaurant at the ARIA hotel and casino Wednesday night and he was told not to stop walking until he was seated at a table. Wembanyama was walking with his security and they didn't want him to stop as it might draw an unruly crowd.

Wembanyama is an 18-year-old basketball player from France and was the first choice in the 2023 NBA draft and will be playing for the San Antonio Spurs. Also, he is 7'5" so he kind of stands out in a crowd, literally.

Brintney Spears and Victor Wembanyama (Wemby) did not exactly have a meet-cute

Britney Spears must be a bit of a basketball fan as well as she wanted to say "hello" to Wembanyama and followed behind him for a second trying to, as she said, get his attention by tapping him on the shoulder. Mind you, Spears is literally two feet shorter than Wembanyama so the chances of her actually tapping his shoulder seems remote.

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Wemby (see, I just did it too!) said he thought someone "grabbed him from behind" and one of his security guards pushed the person away. Wemby never turned back to see who the person was so he had no idea it was Britney Spears.

Spears said one of Wemby's security guards slapped her face. You can see from the video that TMZ received above that Spears was not slapped in the face but that a security guard swiped at Spears' hand as she reached out for the player, the security guard's hand hit Spears' hand, and then Spears' hand hit her own face. Spears stated on Twitter that she was nearly "knocked...down." This doesn't appear to be the case, either.

The fact of the matter seems to be that Wemby's security detail was just doing what they are paid to do and keep people off of the player. If someone is running up out of nowhere asking for him in a strange accent (why exactly is Spears speaking the way she is?) then security has to respond as there's no way of knowing if that person has a weapon.

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Las Vegas police looked into the matter, reviewed the footage, and decided to close the case as it is clear that a Wemby security guard did not strike Spears. Both security teams - Spears' and Wemby's - appeared to apologize to each other for the mess. And then, the rest of our lives went on as normal.