Caitlin Clark's choice of music might shock you

Clark is all the rage currently, but her choice of music is something she calls "fire."
Caitlin Clark likes her music
Caitlin Clark likes her music / G Fiume/GettyImages

Watching Caitlin Clark play basketball is a fun thing to do, but let's be real: We want to know what kind of music she listens to, right? We know she is good at basketball, but fans, especially music fans, want to know what her interests are outside of basketball. We cannot judge her ability to play a sport, but we can jokingly poke fun at her musical choices.

We can also offer our two cents on her being left off of the Team USA basketball team for the Summer Olympics. First, if I am Clark, I welcome the break. She went from playing college basketball to almost immediately preparing for, and playing in, the 2025 WNBA season. She is probably a little tired. Two weeks off is going to feel like a vacation.

Also, there are 12 players on the team and people focusing on Caitlin Clark not being on the team is unfair to the other players who are worthy of making the roster. Clark should be an excellent professional player, but she is not one of the best WNBA players right now. The veterans who made the team are good at what they do too.

Caitlin Clark makes an interesting choice when asked about her musical tastes

Getting back to what matters most here at Audio Phix, though: What music does Clark like? Her team, the Indiana Fever, recently posted on social media asking players what music they are embarrassed to say they like. Clark gave a quick answer, but she also owned it. She even said she wasn't embarrassed about her answer and, in fact, the choice was "fire."

Clark's answer was, "The High School Musical soundtrack. That's not embarrassing, though. It's fire. So I'm going with that. But I'm not embarrassed, but some people might make fun of me. So whatever."

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Good for Clark, and she spoke like a real music fan. We like what we like. We probably cannot even explain our choices, but they are ours to make. People can hate if they want, but that shouldn't make us change our views.

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