Every album by the Clash ranked from least to greatest

The first album is an all-time great.
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The Clash were obviously one of the most important forces of punk. But they were so much more than just one genre. They refused to allow their sound to be pigeonholed and they strove to create whatever music they wanted.

Sometimes, their intent did not meet good ends. They were capable of producing quality no matter the genre, but they also seemed at times to put out everything they recorded so it watered other gems down a bit.

But on the whole, the Clash more than proved their worth as one of the best bands ever. That includes making one of the best LPs that humankind could make. But here is how all of their studio albums rank.

Ranking every album by the Clash from worst to best

No. 6 - Cut the Crap (1985)

There is "This is England" and then there is pretty much everything else on this record. To be fair to the album, it was doomed even before the band started recording it. Mick Jones and Topper Headon had been fired so what was left was only half the band and some studio musicians. This was basically like a Joe Strummer sideband using the name of the Clash.

The record was produced horribly by long-time manager (and first-time Clash producer) Bernie Rhodes. Instead of Headon's drumming, a drum machine was used to try to build the rhythm. The opening track, "Dictator," sets the tone for the rest of the record with its chaos of awfulness, and not until the very end of the LP does anything work at all. Almost as if the band knew that when creating the track-listing so that at least long-time fans didn't have a terrible taste in their mouths for eternity from the band's final record.