Iconic hardcore punk band Code Orange invites Billy Corgan along for the ride

Code Orange release single, "Take Shape," with some help from the Smashing Pumpkins front man.
Theo Wargo/GettyImages

Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins is an interesting guy. His band hasn't had a good-selling record since 2012, and maybe Corgan plays with the sound of the band a bit too much. Plus, his voice on recent records isn't as effective as it was on the band's earlier albums. And I write all this as someone who is a Bily Corgan fan.

Code Orange, though, doesn't mind taking a few chances. The band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, started off in 2008 as Code Orange Kids and was a pure punk group. Over the years they have morphed more into a metal group, but one that is extremely well-respected and always strives to find new ways of doing things.

Hence, enter Billy Corgan. I have always thought that the Pumpkins sounded better than they were no-frills near-metal. Once more air was put into the music with the use of synths, the rage of the sound died away a bit. This was a shame.

Billy Corgan joins in on the Code Orange fun on "Take Shape."

But the good thing about the Code Orange and Corgan collaboration on the new single, "Take Shape," is there is no danger of a synth appearing. The song is a mix of cartoonishness and eeriness, especially the Corgan part, which is the intent. (Warning: If you don't like bugs, it may not be the video for you.) Corgan's vocals appear relatively late in the song, but the creepiness of the lyrics, "Spread your wings/Show us who you are/Spread your wings/You'll go far/Show us all/Show us who you are/Spread your wings," match the temporary break in the heaviness of the music. It's great.

Code Orange also announced the release date of their new album, The Above, this week. The record will drop on September 29th.

So if you aren't busy today, take a few listens to "Take Shape." You won't be disappointed. But go ahead and ask off from work on September 29th because you are going to want to spend that whole day digesting the new Code Orange album.

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