David Draiman does what we all should do: He opens up


Mental health isn't only a "concern," it should be something one monitors just as they do their physical health. David Draiman of Disturbed thinks we can take better care of ourselves. And he isn't wrong.

At a recent performance at Hog Fest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Draiman took a minute to talk about his own battle with depression and addiction. Of course, many times people think of an addict, but they don't think of the underlying issues that might cause the problem. Depression, and its causes, create many other issues.

The suicide rate in the United States is unbelievably traumatic. On average, someone dies by their own hand every 12 minutes, or 41,000 people a year. Lots of people close to the person might not even know that individual is dealing with so much internal stress. If the person doesn't feel as if they can speak to someone about how they are feeling or what they are thinking, that's a huge problem.

David Draiman of Disturbed speaks candidly about dealing with depression

This is why when Disturbed's David Draiman talks candidly about his own issues, it might not seem like a big deal to many people, but then it doesn't need to, right? It only takes one person who is having mental health concerns to identify with someone they respect, even if they don't know that other person individually - it could be an athlete or a musical artist or an actor or literally anyone else - to make a difference. But so many people aren't candid about what they have gone through or what they are dealing with.

What David Draiman spoke about at Hog Fest took a bit of bravery as well. The metal scene isn't really known for being sensitive about feelings. But that's a crock. Emotions are what makes us unique human beings and we each have our own problems. Draiman referenced Disturbed's song, "A Reason To Fight" when he said

" I’m tired of losing everybody I love to depression and addiction. Every single band member on this stage has dealt with those feelings, with those demons. And I miss the friends that we’ve lost. I miss Chester (Bennington, singer of Linkin Park), I miss Scott (Weiland, singer of Stone Temple Pilots), I miss Chris (Cornell, singer/guitarist of Soundgarden).

And if I can be completely honest with you, a couple months ago, I almost joined them. Addiction and depression can happen to anyone ladies and gentlemen. No one is immune from it no matter how beautiful their life may look from the outside."

David Draiman

You don't have to be a fan of Disturbed or David Draiman to understand what he is saying. If you are dealing with depression or addiction, it doesn't make you a bad person. It means you are a human being and it's OK to talk about what you are going through with someone you know.

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