The Eagles become new kids in town as long goodbye takes another turn

The Eagles are on their (supposedly) final farewell tour, but they are not done quite yet.
The Eagles "The Long Goodbye Final Tour"
The Eagles "The Long Goodbye Final Tour" / Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

One cannot blame for the Eagles milking their final - possibly - farewell tour. Is it really their last run of shows? Who knows? They, along with other bands such as Kiss, have seemingly had more closeout sales than most bands dare try.

But let's assume this tour is the last. They cannot seem to completely quit. Not yet. The band will now play some gigs at the Sphere in Las Vegas at the beginning of the fall. The dates will be between Friday, September 20, and Saturday, October 19. On those four weekends, Don Henley and his mates will play eight shows.

The Eagles are the latest well-known band to play at the Sphere. U2 played the venue for quite some time and then returned to play a few more dates in 2024. Phish played the Sphere in April. There has been a rumor that Coldplay would play at the Sphere as well, but maybe because they have a world tour called, Music of the Spheres.

The Eagles will take a trip through the Sphere in Las Vegas this fall

The venue is excellent. The audience is immersed in light and sound. How groups play with so many lights going on around them is fairly impressive, especially as the 18,000-plus crowd is there as much for the spectacle as the music.

Next. Five songs from the 1990s that had no business being great. Five songs from the 1990s that had no business being great. dark

This is why the Eagles are a bit of an odd choice. They are rather boring live. Sure, they have a solid lighting crew, but the band does not exactly scream "exciting!" Even their songs do not lend themselves to bombast. Plus, you have to be a real fan of the Eagles if you want to attend the show in Las Vegas because tickets reportedly start at $175.

All this leads to which bands should be next to play the Sphere. Whoever is in charge of booking talent at the venue wants musical artists who have been around a long time. What about the Kinks at the Sphere, for instance? (Also, for those who want to know, the Zac Brown Band will play the venue in 2025. That seems...interesting?)

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