Eight neglected country-rock albums that deserve more love

Some neglected, some forgotten but still brilliant country rock albums

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Manassass - Manassass

This album (1972) did receive attention upon its release as the second in the series by this Stephen Stills lead band, but somehow, it just slowly fell into the shadows for no good reason.

It still is one of the best double albums around with no musical flows whatsoever. Part of it is due to some brilliant songwriting by Stills and other members of the band, where Chris Hillman and Al Perkins were among the best-known. The other part is due to flawless musicianship by all involved, coming up with a true musical stew of rock, country, bluegrass, Latin rhythms, and whatnot else.

Gene Clark - No Other

While Clark is ranked as one of the progenitors of country rock and reached wider fame as a member of The Byrds, his solo or collaborative albums, never got the wider public recognition they really deserved.

No Other, originally released in 1974 deserves its title, not only as the best among Clark's albums but as one of the best in country rock and by many standards in rock as such. Still, at the time it was released, it was derided by many critics for no obvious reason. Now it is seen (and heard) as a set of incredible songs, whether it is the title song, Silver Raven, or any other here.