Beyhive Beware: Every Beyonce album ranked

Does Beyonce really have a bad album?

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Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. Who would've thought that when she embarked on her solo career, it would be the beginning of something truly immaculate? Beyoncé's body of work speaks for itself for several reasons.

Her albums tell a story. They take you on a journey (in which some use her music as the soundtrack of their lives). She shows that she's not afraid to adapt to what's current and the best thing is from Dangerously In Love to Renaissance, listeners can her maturity and growth as an artist.

With the highly anticipated Cowboy Carter, let's take a look at her catalog and rank each of Bey's albums. (Note: No live albums will be included.)

Ranking every Beyoncé album from least to greatest

8. The Lion King - The Gift (2019)

It was extremely difficult putting this list together but it was done so let's get started. As mentioned, Beyoncé doesn't have a bad album. It's pretty much based on one's preference, connection to each album, etc. The Gift is Beyoncé's love letter to Africa and its culture.

This album celebrates, love, parenthood, strength, courage, self-reflection, self-worth, and awareness. It was an extremely smart decision to serve this album as the soundtrack for the live-action film The Lion King....the best thing that came from the movie but that's a different story for a different day. The visual film for the album, Black Is King, can be found on Disney+.

Favorite Songs: Bigger, Mood 4 Eva, Already, My Power