Beyhive Beware: Every Beyonce album ranked

Does Beyonce really have a bad album?
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7. I Am...Sasha Fierce (2008)

I Am...Sasha Fierce was unique in so many ways. This album was our introduction to Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé's alter ego. Up until this point, Beyoncé's persona and music were safe, pure, and innocent to say the least. There's another album where Beyoncé takes it there 100 percent (we'll get to it), but this album peeled back the layers for what's to come.

What was enjoyable about this album was the track placement. One song you get "Beyoncé" and then you get "Sasha Fierce" the next. Beyoncé's ability to provide two unique styles on one album is even more proof that she's the one.

Favorite Songs: Diva, Single Ladies, Video Phone

6. Dangerouly In Love (2003)

Welp. The top five Beyoncé albums are here. Bey Hive...don't attack the messenger. Dangerously In Love, the album that started it all, is number six. Around 2001, it was almost inevitable that a solo run was on the horizon for Bey.

With Destiny's Child on ice until 2004, Beyoncé made the decision to make a solo album. What an amazing decision it was. With amazing samples, versatility, range, catchy tracks, and dope collaborations, Beyoncé made her mark early on. At this point, she was Beyoncé Knowles, but that would soon change (hold on to this thought).

Favorite Songs: Baby Boy, The Closer I Get To You, Daddy, Baby Boy & Me, Myself & I