Five fantastic Dropkick Murphys songs not be missed on St. Patrick's Day

The iconic Boston band that you should hear on Saint Patrick's Day.
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The Dropkick Murphys are like a party band on steroids, only much better. The Boston band exudes Irishness, and while they should be listened to every Saint Patrick's Day, they are worth your listen on every other day of the year as well. Plus, if they are playing anywhere live close to you, you must run to see them.

Thankfully, the group has performed a streaming concert since 2021 when no one could go out and see them. They did the first one for free as a way of communing with their fans. Thankfully, the latest ones have been streamed while the band played in front of rightfully adoring fans.

But on this Saint Patrick's Day (or Saint Gertrude Day because it is also her day) what follows are five excellent songs to sing along to and play loudly. You won't be disappointed. Just don't wake the neighbors.

Five Dropkick Murphys songs for Saint Patrick's Day

"Fields of Athenry"

This is one example of how the Dropkick Murphys can take an older tune and make it their own. The track is about an Irish lad who steals food during the famine and is expelled to Australia for his sentence. He leaves behind his family and beloved even though the punishment does not fit the crime. The Irish were forcibly impoverished by the English and one had to do what they needed to do to survive.

The way the Murphys perform the song is with the rage one would rightfully feel in the same circumstance. There have been few covers done by any musical artists where the cover seems perfectly made for the artist. One example is Jimi Hendrix recording Bob Dylan' "All Along the Watch Tower" and the other might be the Murphys' playing live a song written by Pete St. John in 1979.