Five perfect albums that should be in every new punk rock fan's starter kit

A sampling of punk you need to check out.

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Bad Brains - I Against I (1986)

This might not be the album Bad Brains is best known for as that is likely their self-titled debut which is also excellent. But this record fleshes out the band's sound as well and Bad Brains could do just about anything. They were a punk band that was heavily influenced by reggae and funk but with a heavy dose of metal. The group also eschews the shorter punk style for several tracks that last nearly four minutes.

But none of those minutes are wasted especially on the riveting "Re-Ignition," somewhat unsettling "Sacred Love," and the bombastic "House of Suffering." The final song in that listing is incredible live as well. But the album is tight, somewhat sprawling, and completely enjoyable. I Against I also became an influential album for many future ska artists, which is not a bad subgenre to love.

The Stooges - Raw Power (1973)

One of the aspects that makes this record work is the production of David Bowie. Bowie wanted a, well...raw sound on the tracks to make it seem more chaotic, and that worked to perfection. The sonic ping of the guitars makes Iggy Pop's vocals have to fight through and that turns the record into a gruff and feisty group of songs.

This record came out a bit ahead of the big punk year of 1977, but the pure aggression and confidence of almost every track screams punk motifs. The first three tunes - "Search and Destroy," "Gimme Danger," and "Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell" - are a pure adrenaline rush. There are zero bad songs on the record and even if you are not starting your journey into punk, this is a must-have album.

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