Five rock bands that never made a bad album

There are lots of rock bands that have has one slip-up album, but these five bands kept churning out gems.
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Rock music is the bomb track, right? You know it and you love it. What better way to end a frustrating day than to crank up the speakers to 11 and just, well...rock out?

You might even have an album by one of the five following bands on your turntable. If you do, that is a smart move. You won't be disappointed. That is because none of the bands that follow has ever produced a bad record.

In a couple of cases, that could turn out not to be true. The groups are still together. In the other three cases, sadly, the bands are no more. Sort of. In one case it kind of is but isn't really. You will see what I mean.

Five rock bands that have yet to produce a band album


There is a line from the film High Fidelity that says a band will never remember the night they opened for Nirvana. The honor of sharing the stage with one of the icons of rock is more than enough of a story to tell one's grandkids. But that isn't only because Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, and Krist Novoselic were always a bit of a wild card, but because the music they created was undeniably great.

The question isn't whether there was a bad Nirvana album, but if they ever had a bad song. The answer to both is no. Even before the world was forever changed by the excellence of Nevermind, the band produced Bleach for under a thousand dollars. The best hundreds of dollars ever spent, most likely, as the album churned out gems such as "About a Girl" and "Negative Creep."

The shame is that Cobain passed away before the group could release many more records. The potential of watching as Nirvana expanded their sound and risked itself to experiments would have been fantastic to observe. Instead, the group produced three studio albums with In Utero being the last. Every album was perfect and left music fans wanting so much more.