Five soft rock albums that deserve more love

Underrated, forgotten, or not fully appreciated.
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Faye Webster - I Know I’m Funny haha

Webster's third album (2021) is a perfect example of what soft rock does (and possibly should) sound today. Even with her two previous albums (her self-titled debut and Atlanta Millionaires Club), the Atlanta singer-songwriter presented herself as a fully-formed artist with an excellent sense of melody.

She knew exactly how to envelop her quiet melodies in tasteful arrangements, picking up musical elements from anywhere - indie rock, folk, country R&B - you name it. Very often, she combines an R&B melody with a country-tinged backing that in her version sounds like a hand in a (silk) glove.

At the same time, her lyrics exemplify exactly what the title of this album says - she is surely funny, with quite a touch of irony in there to boot. Even the fact that she started her recording career with an Atlanta hip-hop label adds to that.

Yet, even with all the critical acclaim she got so far, Webster her enchanting music on this album seems to be still in the shadows of a wider audience she definitely deserves, particularly with this late-night delight.

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