Foo Fighters announce new tour, and why Aerosmith postponed their dates

  • The Foo Fighters name a bunch of stadium dates in 2024
  • Aerosmith postpones its farewell tour
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I have great news and horrible news for you on Tuesday, dear music fan. One is that one of your favorite bands - I am assuming they are since you clicked on this article - will be doing huge stadium shows in 2024. Meanwhile in 2023, one of the bands maybe you hate (you wanted the bad news, I guess?) a band is having to postpone their dates until some point next year. Foo Fighters and Aerosmith fans, here you go.

Let's do the bad news first. Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler was thought to have sustained vocal cord damage which caused the band to postpone six dates. Tyler stated he was "heartbroken" to have to postpone the gigs (don't believe me, just click on the link in the last sentence).

But turns out that Steven Tyler's vocal cord injury was much worse than thought. In what sounds like a completely awful injury, Tyler actually fractured his larynx. If you had never heard of that kind of thing, I must admit I hadn't either. I looked it up.

According to the Virtual Sports Injury Clinic, "A fractured larynx occurs when a direct impact causes a break in the voice box. This is a rare but potentially life-threatening injury." There appear to be different classes of the injury with differing degrees of treatment, and Tyler's degree of injury appears to not have been released.

Aerosmith out and Foo Fighters in as far as tours go

Now for the good news, the Foo Fighters will hit the road again in 2024 with a stadium tour. The negative part of this as things stand now is that the stadium tour only has United States dates. Plus, most dates cover the northern part of the United States, so no Texas or Florida or Georgia currently.

Tickets go on sale Friday so make sure you ask your parents or partner for the money to get tickets. Tell them it's a gift for them but don't tell them what the gift is. They will be surprised when you take someone else to the show instead of them. (But, please play them back. That's the right thing to do.)

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