Four albums by hair metal bands that were shockingly good

These four albums are still surprisingly listenable.

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Quiet Riot - Metal Health (1983)

Here is a little tidbit: Quiet Riot began with Randy Rhoads on guitar. Rhoads, of course, left to join Ozzy Osbourne and record such gems as "Crazy Train" but while he was with Quiet Riot there was not much success. The band had only released two albums and both were only found in Japan. After Rhoads passed away in a plane crash in 1982, the band got back together to record a tribute song and decided that it had worked so well, they would record a full album. Metal Health became that record.

The album turned out some great songs, including the title track. What kid who loved metal would not have loved lyrics like "Mama says that I never, never mind her/Got no brains/I'm insane/The teacher says that I'm one big pain/I'm like a laser/Six-string razor/I got a mouth like an alligator." Then a sing-along chorus that included, "Bang your head/Metal health will drive you mad." Even if you didn't like metal, you probably nodded your head quickly when this song played.

Quiet Riot also did not mind stealing a song (or two as they did on their follow-up album Condition Critical with "Mama Weer All Crazee Now") from Slade. The band covered "Cum on Feel the Noize" and no one who did not know Slade would have not known the song was not an original Quiet Riot tune.

The Rhoads tribute song also made the album and was called, "Thunderbird." It's a quality track as well. While it took the sad act of Rhoads' untimely death, Quiet Riot getting back together was good for the rest of humanity. For a bit anyway; the band mostly faded away by the last part of the 1980s.