Four forgotten 1980s bands that are still worth listening to

These four bands produced some excellent music.
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The 1980s was such a great and diverse decade for music. Starting with New Wave and ending with hair metal, for better or worse, with a bunch of pop all around? That sounds interesting, right?

Because of the abundance of great music, even some solid bands can be forgotten. Even if a song or two of the group's is still played, one might not remember the name of the musical artist. And that artist likely has other music worth checking out.

Four of those types of bands are as follows. You probably know at least one song from each. But you will enjoy the rest of what they have to offer as well.

Four forgotten 1980s bands you should still be listening to

Fine Young Cannibals

The problem with the Fine Young Cannibals is that they have one song that everyone knows and that track overshadows everything else the band has done. "She Drives Me Crazy." You know it, maybe you used to even love it until you heard the song so much that you got extremely tired of it. And yet, every time it comes on the radio, you sing along.

The album that tune comes from is The Raw & The Cooked. This is the group's best-selling record, but not even their best. That is their self-titled debut which features a bit more jazzy feel than the '60s sound of their second record. "Johnny Come Home" is excellent, and one of the best covers of "Suspicious Minds" you will ever hear.

The great thing for you is if you start digging around in the band's discography to decide whether you like them or not, you do not have to dig too much. The band only released two studio albums. Oddly, the second record hit number one in the UK, the United States, Australia, and other countries, but the band decided not to make more albums after The Raw & The Cooked.