Four incredibly weird songs that you should be listening to

Strange songs are sometimes the best ones.
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In a way, all the music you truly love that maybe does not hit number one on the Billboard charts is weird, right? You love the song, but not a ton of other people do. Why? Does that make the song strange or are you? Or both? Either way, it's fine.

In fact, some of the best music is odd. If all music sounded the same the medium would just be boring and we know that is not true. We love to hear different sounds made in different ways and find something unique in what the musical artist is giving us.

What separates us from most animals (not cats, of course, because they believe - and they are probably correct - that if they put their minds to it they could create something epic) is our ability to compose music. Art is the best we can do. And strange art? Well, that many times is even better. Here are four examples.

Four weird songs that are definitely worth your listen

Reverend Horton Heat - "Let Me Teach You How to Eat"

First of all, if you have never listened to the Reverend Horton Heat, that is what you should do after you are done reading this article. His style of psychobilly is punk-infused and fantastic. Plus, there is a trove of great music as the Reverend and his band have been around since the late 1980s and their first studio record, Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em, came out in 1990. The group has recorded 13 studio albums, all of which are excellent.

"Let Me Teach You How to Eat" shows off the band's wry sense of humor, however. Clearly, the Reverend, whose birth name is James C. Heath, doesn't like the way some ad companies try to sell products to us by showcasing thin women as if that is the only way to look. The Reverend likes women to be a bit healthier than seemingly not eating.

The track is not poking fun at people who might eat too much. Quite the opposite as the Reverend wants people to eat more. In fact, he's willing to literally teach people how to make food so they can eat. (Heck, this might not be a "weird" song at all but simply an uplifting one.)