Four incredibly weird songs that you should be listening to

Strange songs are sometimes the best ones.

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Tenacious D - "Tribute"

This is not the greatest article about Tenacious D, it's just a tribute. But if you know who Jack Black is but have not listened to Tenacious D...Wait a second. That likely is not possible. If you are a fan of Black's but haven't heard his band with Kyle Gass, then you might not be a real fan. But I am not judging and assuming you do like the D.

In that case, let me expand on the greatness that is "Tribute." A play on the Charlie Daniels Band's "Devil Went Down to Georgia," "Tribute" is a much funnier version. But it is also extremely well-played and performed. Don't let Gass and Black's silliness fool you (if you haven't heard the duo); these two know how to rock.

The song did somehow reach number four in Australia, the band's highest-charting record ever. One wonders why the group has never had higher chart success in the United States due to Black's popularity, but that is very likely how the group likes it. They see themselves as underdogs that lack any true self-awareness, but that only makes them better.

Such is the case with "Tribute." They are forced by the devil to create a song to save their souls, only the song they came up with is forgotten in the re-telling during "Tribute." Smart and wry. If the band actually called "Tribute" the best song ever, that would mean they had a self-examined life which they clearly do not.