Jung Kook breaks Billboard, and a dark lord wrote for Johnny Cash

Jung Kook gets the most votes, and Glenn Danzig wrote a song for Johnny Cash. What?!
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Everyone knows Jung Kook, right? If you don't, you may be too old to be hip. (That's OK. I know who Jung Kook is, but I am also far too old to be hanging with the cool crowd.)

But clearly, lots and lots of people know Jung Kook, a singer-songwriter for BTS, and in a Billboard poll they voted his song, "Seven," as far and away the more popular track even with Billie Eilish and Post Malone involved. Jung Kook took away 96 percent of the vote in Billboard's new music released last week poll. Eilish's song from the Barbie soundtrack, "What Was I Made for?" was a distant second at 3 percent.

Say what you will about BTS, but they know how to spin a tune. And Jung Kook knows how to be successful all on his own. Oh, sure. He got some help from rapper Latto, but this is a Jung Kook song through and through. You don't like it? Maybe you aren't hip enough (again, I am also not one of the cool kids).

Jung Kook, Glenn Danzig, and Johnny Cash are in your music news

If you want to hear the song, here it be.

Speaking of, well...not young, this next bit goes to show you just how one can find unexpected collaborations just about anywhere. Glenn Danzig, formerly of the Misfits and Danzig (the band), was asked to write a song for Johnny Cash once. It appears that Rick Rubin was producing Cash's American Recordings album and phoned Danzig and asked him to write a tune for the album. According to The Pit, Danzig said the following conversation occurred.

"I think somebody from Rick Rubin’s office or Rick called me and asked me if I knew who Johnny Cash was, and I said, ‘F*** yeah, I know who Johnny Cash is,’ and they said, ‘Would you write a song for him?"

Simple and sweet, right? The song turned out to be "Thirteen" which Danzing said he wrote in about 30 minutes. Lots of great songs have been written quickly, so if the muse strikes you, you need to take that muse to the dance and stay with her all night. I guess anyway. But the song, both as written by Glenn Danzig and performed by Johnny Cash, is amazingly awesome.

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