Keanu Reeves set to tour with Dogstar again in support of the band's new album

Keanu Reeves and Dogstar will tour for the first time in 23 years.
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The group Dogstar is likely still known after not releasing an album or touring for 23 years because of one person in the band, Keanu Reeves. Most other bands wouldn't get a mention after saying they are returning after being gone for decades, but Dogstar does and that's because of Reeves. But Dogstar also isn't a bad band, and that should be noted as well.

Reeves, and drummer Rob Mailhouse formed Dogstar in the early 1990s with former bandmate Gregg Miller. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Bret Domrose joined the band in 1994 and eventually replaced Miller on lead vocals. Miller left the band in 1995.

Dogstar have released two albums so far but none since 2000. The first full-length record was 1996's Our Little Visionary. In 2000, the band released Happy Ending. The band has done next to nothing since 2000, but decided there should be a change to that nothingness.

Keanu Reeves and Domrose set to tour and will release a new album this fall

Not only will Dogstar and Keanu Reeves tour extensively beginning in August, but they also will release a new album on October 6th called Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees. The first single from the album, "Everything Turns Around," is already out for your listening pleasure.

There are a few things to appreciate about Dogstar, if you never heard their music. One is that while Keanu Reeves is the bassist in the band, the band isn't just a novelty.

Reeves is better than adequate on his instrument, but he also doesn't make himself front and center for people to watch. He's a bassist in a band like many other bassists: He's there to create the bedrock of the sound and hardly speaks. In most shows, he doesn't even have a microphone in his face. Basically, like everything else Reeves does, he makes the environment better for the greater good than just solely for himself.

Secondly, Domrose is a pretty decent guitarist and his voice fits well with the instruments. His guitar works augments the rhythm and he's a decent lyricist. But when he sings a cover song, as the band used to do quite a few covers in concert, he does the original tune justice and makes it his own.

Lastly, Dogstar is likely better than you might expect from a band more known for who is in the group instead of knowing what they sound like. Their sound is a little thin, but the genuine emotion is there. And if you are nearby a city where they are touring, it's worth your money to check them out.

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