The Killers release a new single Friday but new album might be a ways off

"Your Side of Town" is potentially synth-driven and could remind some of Hot Fuss.
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One has to hand it to the Killers. They have also zigged a bit when people thought they would zap. After the massive success of the band's debut album, Hot Fuss, they could have made several LPs that sounded a lot like that record. They chose not to.

In fact, singer Brandon Flowers was not happy with the way auto-tune was used for his voice on Hot Fuss. The whole production of the record gave it a glossy glean that a band from Las Vegas, which is where the Killers were based, might appreciate. But they also thought the production hid who they were as a band.

Well, there is some good news for you Killers fans who like more of their Hot Fuss days than their more recent stuff. The band is releasing a new song called "Your Side of Town" on Friday. On the band's Twitter (or X or whatever it is called now), they wrote that the track has "ghosts of a lot of the synth music that inspired us over the years." That sounds like Hot Fuss kind of stuff, right?

The Killers to release a new single on Friday

Either way, if you tuned the Killers out after their debut album, that is your loss. They have produced some fantastic music such as singles, "When You Were Young" and "Run for Cover." Admittedly, though, I am not a big fan of "Human."

As far as a new album, however, that might be a bit. "Your Side of Town" appears to be a track that didn't make the Killers' last studio album - 2021's Pressure Machine. "Your Side of Town" isn't a newly recorded song. Flowers did tell NME that a "full record will probably be early next year, but there will definitely be more releases this year." This makes it sound like the band is going to release singles instead of a new full-length record to me.

Basically, "early next year" could easily turn into 2025. But I honestly cannot wait until "Your Side of Town" comes out on Friday. Hopefully it will sounds like classic Killers.

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