Ranking the 20 best Lady Gaga songs ever

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Lady Gaga's best songs - 15 through 11

15. Jewels N' Drugs (ARTPOP)

Another proof of her being great is a song called "Jewels N' Drugs". Rap music, with rappers featuring? No problem for Lady G, still delivering a piece of top-shelf music.

14. Aura (ARTPOP)

It seems I am grouping songs from the same album, but it is not on purpose. ARTPOP was experimental, with many elements of different music styles, mainly electro, and pop. The fanbase likes it as a whole project, but if you want to take out two singles and compare them with others, the ELECTROPOP is not working for me better than the others. But I like the title song the most, and with all its ups and downs, you may relate to it in different moods. I have "Aura" on my gym playlist, so you may consider adding it too.

13. Bloody Mary (Born This Way)

The song that flooded the internet at the turn of the year. Everybody saw Jenna Ortega dancing to "Bloody Mary". SPOILER ALERT! On Wednesday, she is dancing to a completely different song. I was shocked and disappointed. On the other hand, season two is coming up, so Netflix, make it happen!

12. Judas (Born This Way)

Surprise, surprise, another grouping. But let's be honest with ourselves, Born this way was left behind expectations. On the bright side, "Judas" is top quality and got a fantastic video. 

11. I Like It Rough (The Fame)

Much of Lady Gaga's music has a deeper meaning than one might think. "I Like It Rough" is an excellent self-reflection song, where she is trying to find out why she likes (most probably) the sex rough. She opened her Chamber of Secrets, and this was one of the songs where she sang openly about her sex life. Later, she digs even more deeply, which we may see later on (or not).