Ranking the 20 best Lady Gaga songs ever

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Lady Gaga's best songs - 10 through 6

10. The Cure (non-album song)

The one-and-only non-album song on this list is "The Cure". This song can evolve different feelings. The main motive is unconditional love, but the background can make you sad. The song is reportedly a tribute to a friend of Gaga's who was battling cancer. 

9. Fun Tonight (Chromatica)

"Fun Tonight" is about her internal conflicts, trouble-causing fame, and negative mindset. The chorus in this song is so likable, and the emotion from this self-reflecting song is so strong.

8. Alice (Chromatica)

The best song from Chromatica is "Alice", containing many excellent references to Lewis Carrolls's 1865 novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (although a film adaptation by Walt Disney mainly popularized the novel). The song's main idea is finding your identity and overcoming life obstacles.

7. Joanne (Joanne)

A lovely song dedicated to Gaga's aunt. There are a few different ways to understand the meaning behind the lyrics, and the beauty of music is that everybody can take what they need. So, in this case, I prefer not to write about what is hidden in the song. Just enjoy and find your meaning. 

6. Monster ( The Fame Monster)

I mentioned we might get back to her sexual life. So here we are. "Monster" is based on Gaga's long-lasting troubles with being comfortable about the top of sex.