Music news: Madonna hospitalized but now improving

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What would the world be like without Madonna? Thankfully, it seems like we won't have to find out too soon. After a "serious bacterial infection" that hospitalized the pop icon, she is reportedly now at home and doing better.

Madonna was hospitalized for several days and admitted to an intensive care unit on June 24th. She was recently released and taken by to her New York City residence via a private ambulance. Her recovery is expected to be complete.

Her illness has caused her new tour to be postponed indefinitely. The tour was supposed to start in Vancouver, British Columbia on July 15th and take place in 35 cities before ending in Amsterdam in December. Of course, a tour becomes secondary in a situation like this and the most important thing is that the 64 year old singer fully recovers.

Madonna hospitalized but seems to be doing better

Madonna's career has covered four decades, which seems insane if you are of a certain age. Heck, just knowing that the Material Girl has been making music for 40 years might make one feel old. But Madonna has never seemed old and her art remains as vibrant and refreshing as it did when she released her first single, "Everybody," was released in 1982.

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She has released 94 singles over her career, with her biggest selling single being "Like A Virgin" in 1984. She has sold somewhere over 300 million records (it kind of depends on which list you look at and which ones can be trusted). Either way, she is among the best-selling artists ever and the bes-selling female act.

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According to the Guinness Book of World Records, of which she holds many, she has more U.S. top 40 singles of any female artist and has the highest-grossing music tour for a female act. She has a net worth of about $850 million. But all of this is secondary as we just want Madonna to get well enough to live her life as she wants to.