3 can't miss metal tours you need to catch this summer

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Can't-miss tour No. 2: Metallica

The biggest name in metal will be touring into 2024 but catching them this summer is something you should plan for. And not only for seeing Metallica. Their supporting bands are worth purchasing a ticket for alone. Sure, stay for Metallica, but you don’t have to.

Some of the bands opening for the headliner include Ice Nine Kills, Pantera, and Five Finger Death Punch. I saw INK twice in 2022, and while their style and theme can probably turn some fans off (hint, you have to really like horror movies a lot to enjoy INK to the fullest), they definitely put on a good show. FFDP and Pantera have been around forever, of course, and know how to do their thing.

Metallica’s North American leg of the tour kicks off in early August at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The band is approaching the tour fairly uniquely as they will play two shows at each stop and have a different opening band for each night. So if you don’t like Ice Nine Kills, go on the night Pantera opens.

After taking a break from the tour in November, Metallica comes back to it in August of 2024. There will be 10 cities in the United States with tour stops and three in Canada. It might be a drive from wherever you are, but this tour is worth it.