Michael Bublé flies from Argentina to become one of the Foo Fighters

One pop star wanted to sign with a rock group and he got on a plane to do so.
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When one thinks of Michael Bublé the next obvious thought is, of course, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, right? Both artists make albums of traditional pop standards, I think. Or maybe both make hard rock records. I might have that wrong.

All joking aside, Michael Bublé does appear to be a Foo Fighters fan. And Dave Grohl and his mates have made a habit of calling up "superfans" onto the stage during their current tour to sing different songs. It makes for a great experience for the band and their fans.

The Foo Fighters have also done something else on their current tour with their new drummer, Josh Freese. Freese has played either live or in the studio with lots of different artists. He is a rock drummer, however, which makes what the Foo Fighters do even more interesting. The band plays a mix-up of songs that Freese has been the drummer on during their current run of shows.

Foo Fighters and Michael Bublé join forces in San Francisco

Freese was once the drummer on some Michael Bublé tracks. (You see where I am going with this, right?) So there should be little surprise that the Foo Fighters would somehow enlist Bublé to sing a song somewhere on the tour.

As it turns out, this was at the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco this past weekend. Bublé, who is Canadian but lives in Argentina, flew from his home to join Dave Grohl and the band on Bublé's song, "Haven’t Met You Yet." Prior to performing the song, Bublé was in the audience holding a sign that said, "I love Bublé." Clearly, the whole thing was a setup for the singer to join the Foo Fighters onstage, but it was still highly entertaining. (The below video does contain non-kid-friendly language.)

The Foo Fighters are on tour through January 2024 and then the tour picks back up in June 2024. They are worth the ticket price, I promise you.

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