Morrissey praises Sinéad O'Connor, rightfully bashes other 'tributes'

The outspoken singer criticizes some others who failed to stand behind the other outspoken singer when she was alive.
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Morrissey and Sinéad O'Connor actually have several things in common. Both have Irish ancestry. Both have always spoken out about things they see as wrong and didn't really care about what the backlash might be. But the two were clearly different as well.

Whether you agree with the former singer of The Smiths who has also had a pretty decently successful solo career for more than 30 years, Morrissey speaks his mind about politics. His politics also have seemed to evolve over the last four decades. Where once he sang about the most misunderstood of us and is himself likely part of an oppressed group (he's hinted at and it has been assumed for decades that he is gay), he also has been associated with more right-wing political parties over a number of years.

Sinéad O'Connor, however, performed songs that were more about her own relationships - not all, but most - but publicly she tried to bring awareness to causes she thought important: Abuse by religious leaders, and violence. Still, both singers to a great degree were shamed for their beliefs. But as per usual, when someone of influence passes away, many well-known personalities post how much they cared about the artist.

Morrissey says what others won't about Sinéad O'Connor tributes

In this case, many have posted about how much they appreciated O'Connor and how they will miss her. The "tributes" are mostly false and self-serving. Some are simply, "Look at me as I pretend to care about a person who has just passed away."

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This is the hypocrisy that Morrissey wrote in his blog last week in reference to so many pouring out their love for O'Connor, though they likely would have walked to the other side of the street if they saw her coming towards them on a sidewalk. She was the singer who was open about her mental health issues and who once ripped up a picture of the Pope on Saturday Night Live. Who would want to be associated with that, they might have truly thought.

"As always, the lamestreamers miss the ringing point, and with locked jaws they return to the insultingly stupid “icon” and “legend” when last week words far more cruel and dismissive would have done. Tomorrow the fawning fops flip back to their online shitposts and their cosy Cancer Culture and their moral superiority and their obituaries of parroted vomit … all of which will catch you lying on days like today … when Sinead doesn’t need your sterile slop."

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He's right about it all, of course. People will comment on the latest news, especially if they think it might get them noticed themselves. Most probably didn't post anything nice about O'Connor in years, and now suddenly they care. For now, at least. Tomorrow there will be something else to post about and move on from the death of Sinéad O'Connor.

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