3 most overrated wins in Grammys history

These three winners had better songs produced in the same year.
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Overrated Record of the Year Grammy Award win No. 2

The 5th Dimension - "Up, Up and Away" (1968)

Should have won: The Kinks - "Waterloo Sunset"

The real shame here goes beyond the Kinks not winning in 1968. Arguably the greatest and most influential group to come out of the British invasion in the early 1960s, the Kinks never received a Grammy nomination. They were likely to far ahead of their time with the transcendence toward a heavier sound that would influence bands such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, plus Ray Davis and his bandmates were likely too English.

Davies probably never cared about being snubbed by the American music awards, however. He was normally too insular and cared almost too much about the music to think about winning a trophy for his concepts. More important was creating works such as "Waterloo Sunset" which truly puts "Up, Up and Away" to shame.

"Up, Up and Away" is too brittle of a tune as if you are afraid to even buy the album on vinyl as if it might break once the title track comes on. There was supposed to be a feel of psychedelia to the music, but the people who created the song simply did not have the guts to push any kind of real envelope. The song is the definition of "easy listening" and is probably played in dentist offices globally to help sedate patients.