The most underrated albums from each year of the 2000s

The records are devastatingly overlooked.
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Most underrated album of 2001

It's weird to think I have an album by Yellowcard on here. Still, it most certainly falls into the underrated category. The album One for the Kids, released on April 3, 2001, was Yellowcard's third studio album, but it was the most underrated of all their releases.

This is the album the band found its sound. How to write great songs and do something no one in the genre would do: play the violin on a pop-punk record. The next album would launch this band into another world but would leave this one virtually undiscovered then. It's another album that goes front to back without any song skips.

Right out the gate, we've got the guitar riffing and catchy melody of "Starstruck." The middle is jam-packed with jams, including some of my favorites, "Sureshot," "Big Apple Heartbreak," and "October Nights," as the end of the album slows it down with a beautiful acoustic song called "Rough Draft."

With a band like this that blew up after the next release and the time we live in, where access to music is so easy, it may be getting some attention now. A listener can follow down the list of songs and get to one on the album, and maybe they look at it in full, but for the time I'm sticking with this as being underrated.