The most underrated albums from each year of the 2000s

The records are devastatingly overlooked.
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Most under-loved album of 2002

2002 was an excellent year for music. It's easy to get lost in the shuffle this year with massive releases. One of those lost in the mix was On a Wire by The Get Up Kids. It's a little more mellow than a few of their previous releases, but it still creates a similar sound.

This album was important as a gap closer to their most well-known album, Something to Write Home About, and their follow-up to this one, Guilt Show. The album contains some of their best songs. A proper hardcore might know about this, but the average person doesn't realize these songs and this album exist.

Some great songs on here are "Overdue," "High as the Moon," Walking on a Wire," "Campfire Kansas," and closes out with a pretty, mellow song, "Hannah Hold On." The Get Up Kids have been at it for nearly 30 years, having started in 1995, and have managed to keep going almost the whole time without significant breaks.

The Kansas City band continues to release albums, play shows, and create great music. Still, this album right here is the most underrated album of their catalog and the year 2002.