The most underrated albums from each year of the 2000s

The records are devastatingly overlooked.
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More underrated album of 2004

The year is 2004. I just returned from the mall and opened my new AMP magazine to find the sampler to throw in my CD player. This is where I would find the band Race the Sun with their song “To Icarus with All Sincerity.” I immediately fell in love with this unknown band and had to look for the full-length.

It would be the only one they released, but it was such a good one. The Rest of Our Lives is Tonight was released, and like the song I heard, this album was solid. I loved the unique vocals, the fast guitars, and the music all around. Neither this band nor their album ever really got any light, making it the most underrated album of this year.

Some notable songs from this release are the opening track “Solo Tonight,” “Paperweights and Coffee Stains,” and “I Hear the Book Was Better.” Solid from front to back, these guys were on to something, but unfortunately, we’ll never get to see it because the band has been disbanded since 2006.