The most underrated albums from each year of the 2000s

The records are devastatingly overlooked.
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Ridiculously underrated album from 2005

2005 brought an incredible album, The Rocking Chair Years, from the New Jersey band Day at the Fair. This album was overshadowed by the demise of Drive-Thru Records and the countless amazing bands that came through there, but the music style times were also shifting. Bands like Hawthorne Heights, Silverstein, and other Victory Records bands were breaking into the stream.

This album, though, stands the time and still holds up nearly 20 years later. The band would call an indefinite hiatus after the release and wouldn't release anything further until 2017. The mix this album came with has electric guitar-driven songs but a soft, mellow side to it as a whole and on many of the songs.

The collection of songs holds one of my favorite songs from the time: "This is Why We Don't Have Nice Things". Other notable songs from this release on the faster side are "Eastern Homes and Western Hearts" and "And My Name's Dignan, So What?". The album's closer brings it back to mellow with the beautiful song "Monday Morning." It's a shame this one wasn't more discovered.