The most underrated albums from each year of the 2000s

The records are devastatingly overlooked.
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Incredible underrated album of 2009

The first time I heard Cady Groves sing, I almost stopped in my tracks. It was one of the most beautiful voices I had heard. The sweetness to it, with the little bit of twang she added, was just perfect.

My wife on Myspace came across this girl promoting her release. This is a 5 track EP called A Month of Sundays. “A Town Like This,” “Last Straw,” “Refrain,” “Phoenix,” and “You’d Say” make up the full release. The songs were acoustically driven but carried by her voice and the feelings she pours into these songs.

You can feel how she felt. She details a glimpse of her heartache and lostness in these five songs, and even though it’s not a full length, this deserves so much more recognition than she could ever get for it.

She would go on to release a few more albums and EPs, a few pop-driven songs, and, lastly, a more country-style release. Tragically, at the age of 30 years old, the world lost a beautiful voice and, from what those who knew her say, a beautiful person inside and out. I always felt like she should’ve been a giant star on every billboard and every radio station, and sadly, the music never broke through the way it should’ve been, and as tragic as that was before. 

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