What August music releases you need to add to your collection

There is a ton of good music that will be coming out this month.
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If you like music, and if you don't I am not sure why you are looking at Audio Phix or reading this article but thanks anyway, then August is going to be a month you will love. There are several potentially great albums by very good artists you'll want to save up for. Or maybe they can be holiday presents for others?

The month will have at least one album each week you'll need to find and listen to. Make sure the needle on your turntable is clean because it's going to get a work out. And yes, as always, get as many of the following records on vinyl because I promise it sounds better.

Instead of doing a week-by-week breakdown - you can find a list of what's being released on lots of different sites - I want to highlight some of the better releases for August. These will vary by genre but listening to lots of different kinds of music is what a music lover should do, right?

Must-add music for your collection in August

Holy Wave - Fives of Cups (August 4th)

This Austin, Texas group mixes a lot of different genres into their own fairly distinct alternative indie sound. There's no pop to their music only because the world isn't ready for the dream-like landscape that Holy Wave uses elements of rock, jazz, and EMD to create. But Fives of Cups is the album you need to check out this coming Friday. Listen to the track, "Nothing in the Dark," to prepare you.

Jon Batiste - World Music Radio (August 18th)

Batiste isn't afraid to ask some friends to join him on his new album as Lil Wayne, NewJeans, Lana Del Rey, Kenny G, JID, Fireboy DML, and Camilo all play parts on World Music Radio. Batiste's last album, We Are, won the Grammy for Album of the Year in 2021, so we should expect greatness at this point. If the rest of the record sounds like the first single, "Calling Your Name," then the world is in for a treat.

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Burna Boy - I Told Them... (August 24th)

What we can expect from a Burna Boy record is immaculate production as well as fantastic beats. Most likely, I Told Them... will be more of the same and that is a great thing. If his recent release of "Big 7" is an indication, all will be well.

The Armed - Perfect Saviors (August 25th)

If you haven't listened to The Armed, they are a hardcore/experimental rock collective that intentionally misleads people on who the band is actually made up of. Plus, they collaborate a lot. Or they don't. Who knows? The main point is their music, who "they" are, is always awesome!

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