Music News: Andre 3000 unexpectedly returns, Alicia Keys and Dolly Parton musicals

  • Andre 3000 returns but not in the way you might expect
  • Keys and Parton make their lives into musicals
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Andre 3000 is back! But you might not be completely ready for how he will return. Do not expect any hip-hop bangers, but instead something quite a bit more therapeutic. That is, at least, according to the musical artist himself and what he told NPR's All Songs Considered.

Since Outkast stopped putting out records in 2006, Andre Benjamin hasn't put out a full-length record. He has been busy, of course, with his clothing line and a number of other artistic outlets. He has put out a handful of singles and done some collaborations with other artists, but he hasn't even hinted at dropping his solo album until he announced this week that Friday would be the day.

The album, New Blue Sun, is completely instrumental and sonically focused on woodwinds. Andre 3000 did not say he would not produce a rap album ever again, but that this first solo album is more an expression of where he is right now. After the great music he has brought us already, he should be given the benefit of the doubt and we should assume the record will be amazing.

Andre 3000 is back! And Dolly and Keys make musicals

Also amazing might be the musicals based on the lives of Alicia Keys and Dolly Parton. Keys' musical is called Hell's Kitchen named after the New York City neighborhood where Keys grew up. According to CBS News, Keys has been working on the musical for 12 years.

That sounds like a long time, of course, but musicals do normally take quite some time to come to the stage after first being conceived. There are numerous changes that are made and songs many times slightly re-written. The songs for Hell's Kitchen are mostly hits from Alicia Keys' career with four new Key-penned tunes as well. The show is currently in previews.

As far as Dolly Parton's musical, that doesn't yet have a name. Parton told ABC that she hopes the show hits Broadway in the spring of 2025. The icon said she had hoped to have the musical completed and on stage before but then the COVID pandemic hit and everything was put on pause.

According to Parton, "We found a clever way to do it, where it just touches on my past and the present, but the Porter Wagoner days and my childhood days, and my early days." If you are a Dolly fan, you might want to travel to New York to see the show. If you are a theater fan in general, you can decide for yourself.

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